See What these Beauties have to say about working with Rebecca

Rebecca has been a catalyst in my life and major factor in me becoming the woman I am today. She introduced me to tools and experiences that inspired me to act. With them I was able to release 40 pounds, incorporate my business and publish my first book.

Your dreams don't stay dreams for long with Rebecca on your team. They become your reality!

Jennifer Bass Colucci
Jennifer Colucci
Author, Artist & Entrepreneur

Rebecca is unshakably committed to walking her self-mastery talk. She wisely leads by focusing on how she is being, before she shifts into action. Rebecca inspires thousands of men and women not just with her astounding business savvy, but even moreso with her example of prospering by giving. Rebecca works as hard as she does so she can give back abundantly and support others in thriving alongside her. She has a heart of gold, unflappable integrity, and raises everyone up simply with her loving presence.

Kristin Brabant
Personal & Professional Self Development Aficionada

I have the privilege of working with Rebecca as my partner in business. She is a constant source of inspiration to everyone. Her leadership ability, unwavering support of her team, and gigantic heart allow her to transform the lives of anyone lucky enough to learn from her. She is a rare individual that is able to juggle an unending amount of successful activities and do it all with a tremendous amount of humility, grace and charm!

Ellen Bradley Ganus
Self-made millionaire, Speaker, Author, Actress, Entrepreneur & Investor

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rebecca for over 3 years now. We went to high school together years ago, and then reconnected on Facebook. I was intrigued at what she was doing for her health and overall lifestyle, so I reached out to her. I was at a point in my life where I felt “stuck” in a few different ways. She helped me get started on a health system that changed my life. I owe so much to Rebecca and the opportunities she’s introduced me to. She has brought out the best in me through her leadership, guidance, and vast knowledge of health and business.

Adrienne Kume
Adrienne Kume
Entrepreneur and Business Owner of Merrime Bride & Soirée

Rebecca is a FORCE. You will notice it the first moment you meet her. When I first met Rebecca, I had been treading water in my multiple businesses. I had the drive and I had the talent and knowledge but I needed strategy. Masterminding with her over the past two years has been a pivotal part in the growth and further success of my business. We love collaborating so much that next year we are venturing on a business endeavor together. I could not be more excited for the future of our business, our friendship, and our families.

Molly McCauley
Lifestyle, Branding, and Wedding Photographer, Owner of Molly + Co

As a new stay at home mom I knew I wanted to work, but not for a corporation anymore and I knew I needed a healthy work/life balance for my new family. Rebecca - the shooting star of inspiration 🙂 - helped me focus my vision, harness my creative passion and utilize my decade of experience to launch my jewelry business. With her coaching and resources I was able to organize a strategic vision for my company, and after my first year I achieved over $700,000 in sales and in 2 years have grown internationally. Thank you Rebecca!

Michelle Demaree Rielly
Stay At Home Mom

Rebecca is truly making a difference in people's lives. She whole heartedly cares about each person she works with and that shows. She has an energy about her that is contagious. After being on a call or doing a training with Rebecca you will leave energized and feeling like you can truly accomplish your goals and dreams. Rebecca has a huge heart to go along with her immense talent. I would highly suggest working with her!

Ali Betts
Author, Yogini and Entrepreneur

In the two years I have known Rebecca, I have had the honor and privilege of seeing behind-the-scenes how she works everyday to serve, connect with and empower others. She has taught me so much about what it means to live an intentional life and make your dreams a reality. She has a huge heart and cares so much for others, and is dedicated to supporting others in feeling their best and living their best life. With Rebecca's coaching, I have been able to take something I am so passionate about and share it with the world. I am so passionate about self-love and self-acceptance, and Rebecca has given me so much clarity and insight about marketing, business, connecting with clients, and more all while teaching me how to fuel my body so I have the energy to reach my potential. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Rebecca is truly blessed and should seize the opportunity to do so.

Katie Winnen
Body Love Coach

Rebecca has been an incredible mentor in helping me take my journey to a whole new level. In a few short months, I have released weight, shrunk inches, controlled inflammation, gained energy, reduced my stress, earned money, begun to believe that my goals are attainable, and overall have seen that there is much more out there! I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to learn from Rebecca; her mentorship is invaluable.

Chelsea Wegner
Chelsea Harrington Wenger
Registered Nurse & Wellness Advocate