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Instagram Story Takeover!

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We are always looking for fun and creative ways to show off the women of our Pitch Club community to the world. What better way to spotlight your brilliance than to take over our Instagram Stories for a full day?

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Basically, we just want to know what your day looks like as a woman in business! Do you get to work first thing in the morning? Do you watch your kids? Do you workout? Do you sing in a band? Whatever it is you do, we want to know and see it! Check out some
of our favorite content ideas for IG takeover inspo

Share your holy grail products, recipes, and services
(I'll rave about Rent The Runway forever!)


Give us a peek behind the scenes of your daily routines and workflow!


Introduce yourself and shine a light on your genius by providing quick tips packed with relevant value!


Show viewers your family, community, or work/team colleagues.

Teach an insider tip or trick.

Provide commentary on current news or events.

Open up by sharing a snippet of your story.

Take a vote or ask a simple question to drive comments and engagement.

Celebrate your latest wins in life & business.

Give viewers your top life hacks.

Post an inspirational quote you've been loving.

Offer your signature free resource.

Share gratitude and invite viewers to follow your daily adventures.

Be genuine, authentic, and HAVE FUN!

More successful IG takeover tactics:


Instagram Takeover Requirements:

  • You must have an active Instagram account and be familiar with how the application works.

  • Share about your day, your business, or your life in IG Stories, download all IG Stories assets, and upload them to your designated Google Drive folder 3 weeks prior to your takeover launch.

  • Ensure all photo and video IG Stories are produced in a well-lit location.


How To Apply

This is the easy part! To apply, all you have to do is fill out the form below. After you hit submit, we'll review your application and reach out to you with your next steps!

Thanks for submitting!

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