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14 Inspiring Black Women Business Owners and Entrepreneurs You Need to Follow

In honor of National Black Business Month, The Pitch Club is celebrating Black women who are showing up authentically to drive impact and unique visionary expression as female entrepreneurs. The incredible rise of female entrepreneurs over the past couple of years has been nothing short of inspiring. Sprawling from various branches and industries, Black female entrepreneurs are continuing to shine through their innovation and talent.

We've hand-picked women who are pioneering magic in various industries, setting themselves apart, and making incredible strides to make their businesses successful. With dedication and passion, these women have risen above challenges and doubts to see their visions materialize.

Taking into consideration the obstacles Black businesses experience compared to others in their fields, we acknowledge every Black women's journey and contribution to the world. It is through their story that new generations of Black women will be empowered to pursue their dreams, no matter how big.

While the road has not been easy, there are many Black female entrepreneurs who have historically paved the way for the women we see in business today. From self-made millionaires like Madam C.J Walker and Oprah Winfrey to brands we know and love today like Shea Moisture and Jackie Aina, these are just some of the many women that continue to make the type of impact you need to be watching from the front row.

Today, we spotlight 14 women who are elevating their industries by shaking up new and existing systems. They've raised the bar, laid a new foundation, and inspired us endlessly while doing so!

Black Female Creatives

Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan Harper Nichols is an American musician, songwriter, mixed-media artist, and writer, whose work is centered around the question "how can we create connection?"

Morgan spent the first few years of her adult life as a college admission counselor, and then, as a full-time touring singer-songwriter and musician. It was on the road that she cultivated her curiosity and passion for the written word and art, and slowly began to share her art with others online.

Danielle Fennoy

Danielle Fennoy is the founder of Revamp LLC, a New York-based interior design firm. Danielle has breathed new life into the design landscape by harnessing the energy, innovation, and passion of New York to create a firm dedicated to the client’s intimate relationship with their space.

Danielle’s love of client connections and creating exciting surprises in design form the foundation for her adventurous, yet remarkably practical, designs. She was all about whimsy, with unexpected twists and combinations in terms of play on pattern.

Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe is a chef and wellness advocate, as well as a self-described “food & feelings advocate” who cultivates an atmosphere of inclusiveness and sustainability in her colorful, plant-based dishes and raw, authentic photo captions.

Her talent has granted her titles as a James Beard Award winner as well as an Emmy-Award nominated TV host known for her distinct lens on honesty, diversity, and inclusivity.

Black Female Coaches

Britney Jeanine

Britney “Jeanine” Canidate is the owner and founder of Pivot to Launch, a business coaching firm based in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Serving as the head Pivot Coach, Britney believes that every entrepreneur should build a business they are most passionate about—even if it means slapping fear in the face and pivoting accordingly.

Wife, mom of 2, and a business owner for over twelve years, Britney has established herself as an industry-leading business and brand strategist, and has supported clients across a multitude of industries. From corporate executives, high-ranking government officials, and thousands of creative entrepreneurs, Britney has intently positioned her expertise in order to build a business focused on greater impact, influence, and income.

Maya Elious

Maya Elious is a personal branding strategist, coach, speaker, and influencer that teaches entrepreneurs how to develop and launch their signature offer so they can monetize their expertise.

She’s helped hundreds of students and clients get clear on their message, confidently increase their prices, have successful five-figure launches with their masterclasses, webinars, courses, and programs. Her main mission is to help women increase their impact and income with their gifts and expertise.


Cassie is a self-care coach, wellness consultant, and founder of Cassie's Cure. She teaches women how to practice self-care unapologetically while building their self-confidence through wellness retreats, self-care group coaching program, self-love workshops, and webinars.

With 3+ years of experience in teaching, mentoring, self-care and self-love research she has cultivated a valuable understanding of self-care and self-confidence.

Black Female Entrepreneurs

Aisha Marshall

Innovative creativity and Aisha go hand in hand. With an expertise in creative development and digital strategy, Aisha knows how to create a visual campaign that converts. Named one of Forbes 30 Under 30, Aisha Marshall is helping elevate and redefine industry leadership for the next generation.

The lightbulb moment for her business happened when she realized how big of a role self-work and an abundance mindset plays into not only being a successful business owner but also leaders of her team.

Evelyn Escobar-Thomas

Evelyn Escobar-Thomas is a multi-dimensional creative, storyteller, changemaker, and Founder of intersectional women’s hiking group, Hike Clerb.

Through her passion for hiking, she’s created a community and movement that prioritized bringing women of color together and into the great outdoors; a rebellion that acknowledged her own feelings of being underrepresented in the narratives of wellness and nature.

Jasmine Crowe

Crowe is a Social Entrepreneur, TED Speaker, Leader & Author who is passionate about ending hunger & food waste.

Through her work, she’s collected and donated more than two million food items worldwide and fed more than 80,000 people through the Sunday Soul Homeless feeding initiative as well. The initiative started out as formal pop-up dinners for the homeless community of Atlanta.

Morgan DeBaun

Morgan DeBaun is a serial entrepreneur and corporate advisor. As the Founder & CEO of Blavity Inc., the leading digital media company for Black culture and millennials, Morgan has grown the company into a market leader for Black media, reaching over 100 million readers per month.

Since the launch of Blavity, she also acquired Travel Noire, a travel platform for Black millennials, and Shadow And Act, a Black entertainment news site. DeBaun launched several summits, including New York City's EmpowerHer for black women and San Francisco's Afrotech, for Black people in technology. DeBaun is also the founder of M.Roze Essentials a skincare and lifestyle line designed for black women.

Maya Penn

Maya Penn is an award-winning philanthropist, environmental activist, entrepreneur, filmmaker, eco-designer, keynote speaker, artist, animator, coder, illustrator, and writer. She is the CEO of Maya’s Ideas, a company she started in 2008 when she was just eight years old. She creates eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

Over the years, Penn has been recognized time and time again not just for her entrepreneurship but for her activism and philanthropy. She is also an author, speaker, and has been recognized as a ‘SuperSoul 100 Entrepreneur’ by Oprah Winfrey.

Black Female Creators

XayLi Barclay

XayLi Barclay is a Visual Content Creation Coach & Thinkific Expert for Online Course Creators specializing in helping entrepreneurs effectively stand out and make a genuine impact in the digital space.

XayLi is a professional brand ambassador that has facilitated numerous introductions to both new customers and partners for Thinkific. The passion and energy she brings to her work are unparalleled and make it a joy to work with her as a strategic partner.

Kameron Buckner

Kameron M. Buckner, Esq. is a licensed attorney, content creator, and influencer marketing consultant. Using her social media expertise and license to practice law, Kameron provides value for aspiring “Lawyer Influencers” and educates content creators about the power of contracts when signing brand deals.

As a licensed attorney experienced in employment litigation, Kameron is now a full-time content creator and consultant helping influencers stand up to brands and get paid what they're worth. In this episode Kameron spills the "Legal Tea" about the influencer marketing world and teaches us how to negotiate with brands to secure lucrative sponsorships.

Melissa Jean-Baptiste

Melissa Jean-Baptiste is the co-founder and content creator of Millennial in Debt. Melissa is the writer and director of the Millennial In Debt Web Series as well as the co-founder and content creator for Trials N’ Tresses LLC.

Jean-Baptiste is now a seasoned investor and knows about letting your money grow. With that knowledge, she was able to pay off $102,000 in student loan debt on a teacher’s salary. She enjoys how her life has transformed as she spends her time teaching young people how to get out of debt, build wealth, and earn financial freedom.


While we recognize this month of celebration, we’re committed to uplifting Black business owners and entrepreneurs 365 days of the year and every year thereafter. By amplifying and elevating Black entrepreneurs, creatives, and business leaders everywhere, we hope to continue to expand economic power for Black women and fuel the momentum to progress forward.

We’re forever honored to walk alongside the outstanding Black women who are trailblazing impactful initiatives and world-changing entrepreneurial efforts.

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