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The Secret to Pivoting Out of Overwhelm + Anxiety

Let's set the scene. You've been figuring out how to become an entrepreneur and have been working your tail off to build the booming business of your dreams. Things are going great, but suddenly you're plagued by fear and discomfort.

Are you finding yourself wanting to cancel meetings?

Does everything feel too much?

Are you drowning in work and expectations?

It sounds like you're experiencing some of the symptoms of overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout.

Super scary feelings, but you're not alone. We're going to have a little chat about what you're experiencing, why lady entrepreneurs are especially prone to these, and how we can get you out of this hole. Together.

What is the Problem?

It's pretty hard to talk about what's happening when you haven't figured out what you're feeling and experiencing.

Emotional overwhelm is when you're completely overcome by intense emotions and often can't see a way out of the fray. These aren't nice emotions like being flooded with love and admiration. Instead, you're likely getting overwhelming fear, sadness, and perhaps even loneliness hitting your system. Thanks, brain!

Emotional overwhelm isn't just being stressed. It's closer to getting pulled under by a wave that doesn't allow you to act rationally. Overwhelmed people can make some pretty poor decisions.

One of the overwhelming emotions you may be feeling is anxiety. Anxiety is being excessively nervous and fearful. On the one hand, we all get anxious sometimes, but if you're having a panic attack in the dairy aisle, something needs to change.

Why does Overwhelm and Anxiety Plague Female Entrepreneurs?

If you're a woman in the workplace, whether working for yourself or for a corporation, you're

probably well aware that you're often treated differently from your male counterparts.

One of the most subtle forms of inequality comes at us via women being taught not to ask for things. For example, we are less likely to negotiate well-deserved pay rises.

Side Note: I want to clarify that this inequality isn't the fault of women or men. It stems from an unequal system, and we must all work together to break out of it.

Anecdote time! I have a friend who once fainted in the middle of a board meeting because she felt asking for a glass of water would make her seem bossy or difficult. Unfortunately, she felt even more difficult when the paramedic loomed over her, and she realized she would not be giving her big presentation.

It's a fact; we have been taught not to ask for anything. How does this affect overwhelm and anxiety? We don't ask for help. We're scared to delegate, and we certainly don't want to come across as weak by saying, "Hey, I need a break!"

How to Fix Feelings of Overwhelm and Anxiety

"That's all well and good, Rebecca, but I feel like I'm drowning!"

Let me throw you a life ring and pull you out of the water!

Remember, as scary as feelings can be, they will pass. Sometimes it's okay to sit with them and feel them.

Solution #1: Get It On Paper

Part of what's contributing to those feelings of overwhelm is probably all of the different things that need doing that are floating around in your head. It's brain dump time. Get it all out—no need for rhyme or reason.

Some questions you can ask yourself if you're too frozen in your feelings to be able to write:

  • What am I afraid of? Is it failure, losing the business due to money troubles, or feeling like an imposter?

  • What three things would I like to take off my plate? Once you've figured out what they are, you can figure out their level of importance, whether you can hire somebody to do it for you, or whether you can get a business pal to help you out.

  • What are my priorities in life and in business? When overwhelm and anxiety cloud our judgment, we lose sight of the big picture. Remembering why you're in this can be a huge help.

Solution #2: Mindset Change

"I have to do it all on my own; nobody can do it as well as me!"

Does that sound familiar? I am not denying that you are the special sauce of your business, but doing it all on your own is unrealistic and probably holds you back while also keeping you in your fear bubble.

This is just one of the mindset changes that can blow your anxiety out of the water.

Business coaching for women is my jam, meaning I'm an expert on the overwhelm and the anxiety. If you'd like to work with me on some of these necessary mindset and lifestyle changes, the Pitch Club Collective may be the best way for you to get unstuck. I've been there, my friend, and I'll show you how to get on out and get your bottom line up at the same time.

Solution #3: Community Support

Thanks to the pandemic, we've all gotten a little too used to working on our own, but even when your community isn't in your city, you can still surround yourself with uplifting women.

Surrounding yourself with your team of cheerleaders can be the difference between overwhelm and abundance, whether through dedicated Facebook groups, social media communities, or co-working spaces.

We're going to get you out of that feeling lonely and unsupported mood. If you want some like-minded business friends straight in your ears while you run errands, check out my podcast: Becoming You Podcast. Every week I bring inspiring guests, lifestyle and business tips, and tools to empower you to be your best, so you can design a life and business you love!


It's high time you make a change before overwhelm and anxiety become unwelcome, constant companions in your business and personal life. We want an abundance mindset, not a fear mindset!

Are you ready to surround yourself with a group of uplifting, entrepreneurial women?

Join us in the Pitch Club Visibility Lounge Facebook group, where you can connect with a community of like-minded women working on designing the life + business of their dreams. Oh, and it's free!


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