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Creating Your Joy Menu

In life, we have things that give us energy and those that take them away. My dear friend + digital wellness expert Gabriela Toro calls them deposits + withdrawals.

I love using Joy as a way to intentionally deposit more into my life.....more energy, more connection, more patience, more fun!

And at times when work, responsibilities, bills and other stressors feel like they are TAKING withdrawals that threaten to overdraft our energetic bank accounts, having a go to JOY menu can help you instantly get a quick infusion of positivity!

I recommend creating this + posting it where you can see it! As my friend Abbie says, Joy is a CHOICE!

What we focus on, we find! What we focus on, grows! So focus on things that bring you joy, positivity, energy and more BEING.

Tip: avoid the electronics (unless it's a phone call to connect)!

Create Your Joy Menu!!

  1. What makes you feel better in 10 minutes or less? Meditating, a quick dance party, a long hug, your favorite song, reading something positive?

  2. Put Nature On the List!! There is nothing like time outside (especially if moving our body) to rejuvenate you, lower stress and put things into perspective!

  3. Schedule in your Go To's! Whether it's a massage, a date night, baking, a long phone call to catch up with your bestie, add those automatic deposits into your week!

What's on your menu??


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