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Finish the “thing”

Last year, it took me nearly 6 months to plan and launch my first online course.

Last month, I spent two weeks (and had a much more successful launch)!

The difference is two parts……

  1. I’d done it before and knew what was possible, so the “What if” played a MUCH smaller part in the formula. I didn’t use perfectionism as a way to procrastinate.

  2. Parkinson’s Law - “work expands to fill the time available for its completion”

Often, we look for “perfect timing” to do the things we want (or NEED) to do…..what we can call our important work or life work. And part of that is looking for a time when we don’t have a lot going on, when there’s no chaos, or when we can dedicate large blocks of time. Basically, in an alternate reality!

What’s Keeping Us From It

Here are the usual suspects in the "should family" that keeps us from completing our life work:

  • Shame: I “should” have done this so long ago. I’m embarrassed I haven’t.

  • Perfectionism meets Procrastination : It needs to be perfect, so I need more time. Next year "should" be better.

  • Lack of priority: I "should" finish these other more urgent (but less important) things first and move them to tomorrow (or next week, or month).

  • What If (fear in costume): What if I fail? What if it’s poorly received? What if lightning strikes? I "should" read/learn/know/do more first.

We really need to stop "shoulding" all over ourselves!!! The easiest way to do this is to get clear on WHY it’s important that we just DO the thing.


So, let’s get clarity on WHY this is so important. My time management coach, Alejandra, taught me the 5 levels of WHY.

State WHAT you want to complete. “I want to write a book”.

Why? (go ahead, write it out).

Why? (dig deeper)

Why? (but really…..let’s dive in)

Why? (now, we’re getting to the good stuff)

Why? (there is the gold!! The purpose, the WHY, the impact)!

An example….

  1. So I can tell my story.

  2. So others learn from my story.

  3. So I save others from making the same mistakes.

  4. So they will create more positive results with less time and hassle.

  5. So they will lead happier, more fulfilled lives + I’ll know I made a difference.


This week, take THE thing (you know, the one you keep extending the deadline of or prioritizing other “easier” things first? That thing that you haven’t finished (embarrassingly) and you’ll do “once you have the time”?

Give yourself ONE uninterrupted hour. Set an obnoxiously loud timer.

First 15 Min: Figuring out the basic logistics of what you need to finish it (resources, people, technology, etc) - again, you MUST only use 15 min….tick tock!

Next 30: Create an outline for your strategy plan - your steps and action items for each step. Just don’t get lost in the details)!

Final 15: calendar out the time that week that you need to make it happen. Put in the time blocks, eliminate distractions and communicate to your core people what you’re working on!

Lastly, BURN THE BOATS - meaning, make failure a non-option. Share on social media what you’re working on, get an accountability buddy, pledge to donate to your LEAST favorite cause if you don’t finish your commitment (believe me, that’ll light a fire under you)!

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