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You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it starts your day off right. However, it’s not just what you’re fueling your body with, but what you’re fueling your MIND with first thing each morning, that sets up the energy aura and outcome of your entire day.

I used to wake up and check my phone in bed. I’d lose 20 minutes scrolling through my Facebook feed, then go down the rabbit hole of never-ending emails (queue up the first shot of cortisol—aka the body’s stress hormone—into the bloodstream), unanswered texts (triggering the release of more cortisol), and swiping through the daily news (resulting in cortisol overload!) I then surfaced for air feeling tense, already behind, and start my day off by rushing around.

The reality is, I’d spend 30-40 minutes not doing much of anything, but the consequence was that I was left in an unfocused, anxious state. And that set the tone for my entire day! Everything blurred as I moved quickly through the day, the overwhelming cloud of stress hanging over me right up until I went to bed.

Four years ago, I read an article about the morning routines of the world’s most successful people. They had so MUCH more going on in their lives than the average person, and yet they invested the first hour of every day to self-care rituals. Their practices didn’t create action, but provided a much more important foundation for the beginning of their day. Intrigued, I decided to create my own morning routine, and noticed almost immediately that I was getting more done, yet rushing less. And—to the delight of my family and friends, I’m sure—I was a significantly nicer human being to be around in the morning!


I've crafted a Menu of options to create a morning routine tailored to fit your needs! Included, are also three sample routines!

Throughout the years, I’ve tweaked and adapted my routine to fit my ever-changing life, but the basic elements still include meditation, mindfulness, and movement.

Keep in mind, a morning routine is an individual practice. You don’t need to mirror yours after mine,  Richard Branson’s, Beyonce’s, or anyone else's. Try different things, and see what works for you! Remember, consistency is key, and it takes roughly 21 days to create a habit!

Be flexible to making little tweaks as needed, and don’t give up!

Love & mindful mornings,



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