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The 3 Habits I Swear By to Maximize Visibility

Are you busting your butt posting 4x a day on social media, pumping out trendy 12-second videos like it's your day job, and still left wondering why your numbers aren't reflecting the wealth of value you're serving up for your audience?

Many people think that you need years upon years of experience, thousands of $$$ to spend on ads, and more credentials under your belt than you can count on two hands in order to be featured in the media and highly visible online. Though, this couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, it took me less than five years to become a...

Highly-requested podcast guest (& top-ranked host of my own podcast!)

Expert contributor for Forbes, ABC News, Women's Health, NBC News, and more

Sought-after speaker + writer

Influential creator + strategist in the online space

Bestselling author

...all without trying to be somebody I'm not or building up a stack of credentials to prove myself, my worth or my value.

One of my favorite things I love teaching female business owners, entrepreneurs, and aspiring thought leaders is HOW to effectively (and authentically) pitch themselves as the unique experts they are to land speaking gigs, features in publications, and guest spots on podcasts!

I want to help more incredible women, like you, put a megaphone (or a microphone) to their message, so I'm going to tell you the 3 habits I swear by to MAXIMIZE VISIBILITY!

Let's break it down:


The ability to adequately tell your story is one of the foundational elements of successful PR. It's also the most powerful way to connect with your audience + attract your ideal clients/customers. Your story brings life to your business and its mission, inviting others to relate, engage, and cultivate inspiration from you on a more intimate and meaningful level.

Now, it's not always easy to open up and proclaim your truth to the world. However, harvesting the courage to do so is an extremely healing act of love and self-empowerment that I encourage you to explore, as it is a massively rewarding way to increase your brand credibility!


Sometimes, the magic isn't in just showing up... it's in showing LOVE + lifting others UP! Instead of scrolling your feed looking for the latest IG Reels trends, dedicate more time to leaving genuine comments on the posts of industry leaders and prospective clients. I always feel so honored to be part of the ripple effect that is spreading love and light throughout the world, and raising up others is a bulletproof way to bless others with my heart-led value while also growing my visibility!

Additionally, don't be afraid to venture beyond the walls of your industry to seek out strategic partnerships! Harnessing the strengths and talents of others from different corners of your ecosystem is one of the most strategic ways for brands to scale their visibility, credibility, and profitability.


There are countless opportunities for business advancement available to you each and every day—most of which are probably a bit scary (or totally terrifying). The key to optimizing these opportunities is to have a heightened awareness of which ones are worth investing in and which are not. While it may be easy to say "yes" to the opportunities within your zone of comfort, it's the ones beyond that comfort zone that will typically fare the highest reward.

If your decision-making is clouded by a fear of discomfort, then you're definitely missing out on some major growth potential. But don't worry... you can eradicate that deep-rooted fear by integrating the same daily exercises I use to strengthen my agility + resilience in the face of discomfort:

1. Do one thing that scares you every day.

2. Start small by setting micro-goals. 3. Visualize the most positive outcome + the future version of yourself. 4. Fight infocrastination + analysis paralysis by taking purposeful, heart-led action. It’s VITAL to shape confidence in yourself and understand that overcoming that which scares you will ultimately help your message get seen, heard, and valued by a greater number of people!

If you enjoyed learning about a few of the top ingredients included in my secret sauce for expanding visibility, you'll LOVE all that I've got in the works for you inside the Pitch Club Goal Getters FB group! I'm obsessed with supporting ambitious women on a mission by providing FREE weekly workshops to teach you all of the business, marketing, and PR strategies you need to grow an unstoppable business every Tuesday from 9-9:30am PST!

Additionally, we will be featuring one member of The Pitch Club Collective each week on Thursday during our Collective Spotlight ✨ These are free trainings covering a vast multitude of topics—everything from brand strategy, to wellness, personal development, social media marketing, spirituality, and more… the Collective is comprised of such diverse walks of life, so the opportunity for expansion is LIMITLESS!


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