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The Balancing Act of Work + Play, As An Entrepreneur

This weekend, I unplugged! From Friday at noon until Monday at noon, I barely checked emails, slack or voxer. I spent those three wonderful days with my family and the family of one of my dearest friends.

We ate delicious food, walked more than 12 miles a day, spent time at the beach, flew a kite, had a delicious nap, got reflexology and saw Shrek, the Musical, at an outdoor theater. It was 72 hours spent entirely in BEING in the moment. And I feel SO refreshed!

When I left my corporate career 7 years ago, I had the hardest time not working 24/7. Ironically, the freedom to choose my work hours was one of my biggest reasons for leaving, yet I continued the cycle of working a TON.

I wish I could say that having my first child cured me of that, but I still struggled to do it all. Fortunately, while pregnant with my second child, I realized the error of my ways and committed to doing it differently this time.

That started with three months of maternity leave, focusing on bonding with my baby girl and creating as smooth a transition as possible for her big brother. That recalibration felt SO good, and it showed me that we can reset our habits, priorities and time management anytime we need to (and as an entrepreneur or momma with constantly evolving responsibilities + demands, nothing makes me happy than doing a heavy audit of my calendar)!

Shortly before the pandemic hit, I realized the 8-5 schedule of the same thing each day wasn’t working for me. One of my favorite clients, Jenn Cino of the Fit Period, educated me that women aren’t meant to do the same thing each day, or even work the same schedule. So I’ve spent the past year experimenting with different ways to do things, to stay energized, creative + yet still stay on top of the beautiful, fast moving chaos that comes from growing and scaling a business.

What’s worked for me isn’t just about optimizing time management + productivity during the week (though that helps!)! It comes down to making the most of the weekends (so I’m recharged), LOVING my Monday’s (and starting the week off with creativity), and prioritizing my energy + health as the foundation of my business.

Below, I give my top 3 tips in each category to enjoy your weekends, love your Monday’s and energetically show up your best!

Make the Most Of The Weekends!!

Ladies, as entrepreneurs, there's no clock in + clock out!! However, working 24/7 is the recipe for burnout + is a creativity killer!

Most weekends, I focus on spending time with my kiddos and husband, catching up with friends, doing a little genealogy or writing, and always cleaning my office + calendar on Sunday! And there’s always time for banana pancakes, a bbq with the neighbors and moving my body.

You can have it all - without working ALL THE TIME!!

Here are 3 ways to optimize your professional pursuits on the weekend + progress your mission without the burnout of "working the weekend"!

  1. Schedule creativity sessions for activities you might have a hard time prioritizing during the week: journaling and free writing content, a brand photo shoot, mapping out your vision, collaboration lunch dates!

  2. Take the time to learn! Schedule those courses you've bought but not taken for your weekends, pick up the most recent Must Read + work on actual learning (then make sure you calendar integration of your new skills during the week)!

  3. Get organized! Whether it's your office clean up (with great music), organizing files, preparing your newest brain dump + action list, use the weekends to get clear + prepared so you start the week ahead with clarity, focus + action!

Love Your Monday’s

For years, Sundays were filled with dread and Mondays with catch up anxiety.

Even as an entrepreneur, Mondays felt intense, until I decided to plan more creativity into my week and give myself CEO Days on Mondays.

  1. Don't schedule any meetings..... except with yourself. Utilize Monday's to focus on high level creativity, content creation, strategy + more. As the person steering the ship of your business and life, it's crucial to have some time spent in your zone of genius.

  2. Don't Check Your Emails on until the end of the day Monday mornings are known for their flurry of emails from everyone "Catching up" after the weekend. Don't let other people's priorities take over yours. Plan in "shallow work" time on Monday afternoon from 4-5pm to clean up the inbox, at the time of day you have the least creative energy.

  3. Plan in Creativity + Outdoor Time Whether it's a work session outside, spending time learning (and working ON instead of in) your business, or taking a walk, refresh your brain + soul before going 110 mph into your work week.

Added benefits?

- More energy + inspiration for your week.

- No Sunday scaries.

Prioritize Your Energy (+ Health) as a non-negotiable

It may sound simple, but you aren’t going to outwork or out caffeinate your challenges (saying this EXTRA loud to my 25 year old self - who pulled work all nighters nearly weekly).

While there will occasionally be the need to burn a little midnight oil, don’t make it a habit (and if you focus on the following tips, love your Monday’s and make the most of your weekends, you won’t need to)!

  1. Make Decisions With Your Energy As The Result Whether it’s what to eat for breakfast (I promise, the protein smoothie or GF avo toast will ALWAYS make you feel better than the coffee + muffin) or even going to bed late versus getting up early to finish a project, ask yourself “Will this give me the energy my ideal CEO self requires”? Trust me, your inner voice will set you straight.

  2. Schedule Movement Daily Exercise CREATES energy!!! When you aren’t feeling it is when you need it even more (just like gratitudes and everything else that creates more good stuff than it takes)! What’s the best time of day to work out? Morning, but the trick answer is whenever you can fit it in! You’ll make better food choices to support you, and your business.

  3. Invest in your body as much as you invest in your business While a business coach can give you strategy for days (and I am a huge proponent in having a coach in whatever area of life you want to improve), hiring a health coach or trainer is going to keep you progressing, accountable and it will have a positive effect on your business, health and mindset! I just rehired one of my favorite clients to coach me and four days in to her customized meal plans, workouts + check ins, I’m feeling more energetic, strong and motivated in every area of my life!


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