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The Power Of Podcasts

I still remember my first podcast interview as a guest! I was sweating profusely, totally unsure of myself, and am pretty sure I blacked out while recording!! I was surprised at how intimate it felt and ended up sharing things that I’ve never shared publicly.

I've come a long way in the past four years! Now, I regularly guest on podcasts and have recorded 100+ episodes on my own! And a few things I've learned....

  1. It's a podcast WORLD!! Podcasts are seriously changing the game in business! They feature you as an expert, give you the chance to provide SO much value (in so little time) and build visibility, credibility - and when done right - profitability! I’ve seen some of my guests, as well as clients, have more than $10k of business come in from ONE podcast guest spot!

  2. Telling your story and sharing your expertise is EMPOWERING!!! You can't imagine the listeners that you'll inspire, connect with + impact! Or the relationships you'll make with hosts! Podcasting has led me to speaking engagements, collaborations, client referrals and more!

  3. You don't have to have a decade in business or have a huge following to guest on a podcast! (and it’s INCREDIBLE for creating content - hello to repurposing your spoken words to blogs, emails, social media….even a book)!

One of favorite things I love teaching female business owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring thought leaders is HOW to effectively (and authentically) pitch themselves as the unique experts they are to land guest spots on podcasts!

I want to help more incredible women, like you, put a megaphone (or a microphone) to their message! And can I share one of my pet peeves that I would LOVE to change about the practice of guest pitching? I get SO SO SO many copy + paste pitches from people I can tell have NEVER even listened to my podcast. #justsaynotospam

As part of my mission to help more women authentically (and successfully) share their message, I hosted a special event - The Goal Getter’s Workshop: Crafting Your Irresistible Podcast Guest Pitch - Watch the Replay!! Here’s the workbook + the customizable template that has helped me + my clients get on DOZENS of top-ranked podcasts!

And what about starting your OWN podcast?

If you want to do more than just be interviewed, but actually create the narrative, starting a podcast is an incredible tool to grow your brand, your impact, and your income.

My top reasons to start a podcast!:

  1. Create + maintain valuable connections with guests + other hosts.

  2. Establishes you as an expert and thought leader.

  3. Grows your audience and visibility.

  4. Is one of the BEST ways to create value driven content.

  5. Podcasts are incredible tools to monetize + spread awareness of your offerings.

And there are SO many more! If you’ve been thinking about starting your own, don’t miss the Goal Getter’s Workshop to Launching a Podcast in 30 days (or less)!!

Thurs 08.19 @ 11:00am - 12:00pm (pst) | WORKSHOP: THE GOAL GETTER’S GUIDE TO LAUNCHING A PODCAST IN <30 DAYS!

In this Workshop, we will be diving into...

  • The 5 steps to Planning, Launching + Promoting a Successful Podcast!!

  • Creating + Booking Your Dream Guest List

  • Successful Launch Strategies to climb the iTunes Charts!

  • How to Promote…..without being spammy!

  • 5 Ways to Create 5 Figures + with a podcast (hint….ads isn’t one of them)!

  • And how to do it in 30 days or less!!!

Register HERE for the Workshop

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May 01

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