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The Press Room

Hot off the press (sorry, I couldn’t resist)!!

When I had my first successful pitch four years ago to Women’s Health magazine, I was HOOKED! A year later, I was teaching my coaching clients the same process I used and started to see their expertise and value be seen on a bigger platform!!

When the Pitch Club was born ONE year ago, my mission was to help more women in business put a megaphone to their message and a spotlight on their brilliance!! And I can’t believe what’s been accomplished…..and we are JUST getting started!! We're so proud of all of the women who have stepped into their magic + put a megaphone to their message!


  • 100’s of our clients have been mentioned, interviewed, and featured in national and international publications!!!

  • We’ve helped co-create more than 19 bestselling authors!!

  • 12+ podcasts launched (most hitting new + noteworthy - one even ranked above Oprah’s on the top 100 Itunes list!!!).

Going forward, we’ll start showcasing the press highlights of the women in the Pitch Club!! From the past few weeks…...

The Pitch Club's first collaborative book, Pivot with Purpose, was featured on NBC last week!!! You can get your own copy of this inspiring bestseller on Amazon!

Francesca Sipma, the creator of Hypnobreathwork®, had a FULL page article come out today in Forbes - How To Access Flow State On Demand! Her transformational method is THE tool every executive and entrepreneur needs to be more productive, aligned and impactful!

Talla Kuperman launched her heirloom quality fingerprint jewelry business just months ago, and has already picked up features in the Wall Street Journal, and this week, a full interview for Authority + Medium magazine! If you're looking for beautiful, keepsake jewelry to remember a loved one, or for someone special, look at Love Talla!

Luxury jewelry concierge and certified gemologist, Irina Kharina, was part of Medium + Authority Magazine’s series on “Why We Need More Women Founders”! She shared the Five Things You Need To Thrive + Succeed as a Woman Founder!

Thrive Global's article on 3 Simple Ways to Empower Yourself to be Spontaneous features our own Joyce Bao, a purpose strategist + transformation coach! And it was her SECOND article this month!

LA Based fashion stylist Amanda Leigh was interviewed by Golden Stories on all things fashion, wardrobe and style!

Silicon Valley based psychologist Dr. Krista Regedanz had a full interview in Entrepreneur magazine called "You Know You're Good Enough, So Why Don't You Believe It? A Psychologist Explains." Dr. Krista, owner of Palo Alto Smart Therapy, helps smart people feel better!

Listen to my interview "Unleash the Storrie Within" on The Storrie Podcast, with Dr. Christine Manukyan!

You'll hear about Dr. Christine's incredible 12 month entrepreneurial journey, from leaving her job at Cedar Sinai hospital to building a multiple six figure legacy business, becoming a bestselling author + launching a top ranked podcast! We dive into taking massive action and learning from your mistakes.

We LOVED our interview with Allison Walsh on the She Believed She Could podcast!! Titled "Why you should give yourself permission to promote", this episode covers how to step into your genius + own your magic, how to achieve the confidence to create boundaries, why women should put a megaphone to their message + how to feel good about putting yourself out there!

If you'd LOVE to be interviewed by your favorite magazine or publication, or guest on podcasts, let us know! Join the Pitch Club Goal Getter’s Group on FB for more PR + Visibility tips to put a spotlight on your brand!!


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