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Wanderlust Woman 🌎

Before the pandemic, I used to travel A LOT, both for work and fun! I didn’t grow up doing much traveling (well, just the motorhome and tent type), so once I was able to begin to travel in my 20’s, I became obsessed with the experience of new places, culture, and people! I designed my life (and my work) around the ability to experience travel!

In fact, Luca, my 5-year-old, had been on more than 50 flights before he was 3!! I’d pack him up to conferences and he’s even been on stage when I’ve spoken!! And while V being born slowed things down a little, she’s still a great little traveler.

The week before the world shut down, I went from a conference in Palm Springs straight to a seminar in Phoenix, and then relaxed in Carmel! This past year, it’s been bizarre to go from traveling monthly to having travel halt to a near stop. And recently, the travel bug has been biting me….hard!

Each day, I get discount notifications from Scott’s Cheap Flights, which is an INCREDIBLE notification service for $49 a year that sends you low priced and mistake fares! We scored tickets to Hawaii, non-stop + roundtrip, for less than $200 last year! And they often have less than $100 round trips around the US!

This fall, as things open up, suddenly my pent-up thirst is being ….. A conference in Miami in October has turned into a week in Florida with a visit to the Keys (YAAAS to mixing business with pleasure!) And possibly New Year’s in Mexico with friends!!

A Few Travel Tips +

  1. Airlines are overbooking and are willing to PAY if you give up your seat! (my friend just visited, and was offered $600 on a flight from Phoenix to Nor Cal)!! If you’ve got flexibility, consider it!

  2. Make sure to check the requirements of the state (or country) regarding requirements for testing, vaccination, quarantine, etc. before you buy your flights or put down money for a hotel. Schedule your Covid tests (if necessary) in advance and ensure the test you are taking is approved by the area (we had a friend flying to meet us in Hawaii and the airport didn’t accept her negative test result! They literally put her on a plane back to the mainland two hours later)!

  3. Be ready to travel with a newfound appreciation for the experience (and we found that customer service is really good).....while there are so many challenges in the past year, it’s wonderful to see people being more appreciative for the luxury to travel, to eat out and to enjoy life!

And with all of this travel excitement, we were FINALLY able to lock in our date for Weekend @ The Pitch Club! Stay tuned for the details, but bookmark March 3-6th in PALM SPRINGS, CA!!!

Palm Springs is a magical place and the weather is incredible in early spring!! I have a special love for it, as I lived there in my 20’s, and Igino and I got married there in 2014!! We’ll be taking over the Saguaro Palm Springs, one of the most IG-friendly hotels you can imagine!! So if you’re ready for unparalleled business training + breakthroughs, wellness + workouts and SO much fun networking, collaborations, and girl time stay tuned for an update next week for tickets!!!


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