• Rebecca Cafiero

What's Your Why??

It's the crucial first step to figuring out the path to achieving your goals, of designing a life you love, and of finding the grit and courage to do the hard things to create it.

For me, giving women the ability to be seen and heard, to give them belief in the value of who they are, their message, and their ability to impact others. To not have to ask for permission to be successful.

To be massively visible in order to create even greater impact, and then to collaborate with other women to create more abundance for females in their space.

For me, it is because I was told I was too much....too loud, fast, passionate, idealistic, generous, excited, trusting (and yes, bossy).

Hiding my passion, my brilliance was painful, and it served no one.

There are few things more rewarding to me than vision casting with a female entrepreneur what is possible and giving her the permission to be loud with her message! Or showing her how to be seen as an expert in her space and to see her light up when I help her find the path to create that reality (and even better, seeing her step into the confident, empowering, abundant woman she is meant to be once she believes it herself).

It's what I looked for in my role models! It's what helps me show up, even when I don't feel like it!

It's what I want for my daughter. To show her, not tell her, what is possible and what she's capable of.