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5 Ways to Make Publicity Work for You

It can be a lonely journey when you're first figuring out how to become an entrepreneur and make (good) money doing it.

You're in your little bubble of hustle and creativity and don't have the resources to build your credibility, visibility, and profitability at the speed that your business deserves.

Today, we'll get into the five essential steps to making publicity work for you.

Grab yourself an iced matcha or, pull out your favorite note-taking supplies, and let's get you and your brand out there!

#1 Get Featured!

"Ha, ha, Rebecca, if I could just get featured, I'd already know how to make money from my podcast or passion project!"

What you need is HARO. Not to be confused with Bonnie Tyler's hit 1984 song 'I need a Hero', HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out.

HARO is a network of 75,000 journalists looking to connect with people with expertise. Bingo, you're that expertise on your brand and passion project. You'll have everyone from Refinery29 to the New York Times come knocking in no time.

#2 Pitch Yourself to Podcasts

I know pitching yourself can feel super nerve-wracking, but we're here to build that abundance mindset and take you from basic to brilliant.

Since you already know your expert topics and profitable niche, you likely already listen to podcasts that would be perfect opportunities for you to share your vision and passion.

On my podcast, I seek out inspiring guests to share lifestyle and business tips and tools to empower my listeners to be their best and design a life and business they love.

Trust me, us podcast hosts can't wait to be pitched by brilliant, dynamic people like you!

#3 Pitch Yourself for Speaking Opportunities

There's that pitch word again!

With so many workshops, summits, and other speaking opportunities involving business coaching for women, you already have the ideal platform to talk about your expertise.

Get pitching and move from talking to yourself in the mirror to speaking to a captive audience about your business.

#4 Update Your Social Proof

Social proof is a fabulous way to gain credibility.

Your website, social media bios, and email signature must be shouting from the rooftops about your expertise. Regularly share business milestones to show everyone your thriving business self.

#5 Socially Share Your PR

Have you been in the background quietly doing all that work to get featured by journalists, write with your byline, or become a featured guest on a podcast?

You must share all those PR opportunities on your socials to create more credibility and let your current audience know how awesome you are! In turn, this will generate more PR opportunities.

Psst, tag publications to have them reshare with their audience and get yourself in front of even more interested eyeballs.


You need to put yourself out there to have publicity work for you and build the credible brand of your wildest dreams.

If you want more ways to be recognized as an expert in your field, join me in the Pitch Club Visibility Lounge Facebook group, where you can connect with a community of like-minded women working on designing the life + business of their dreams. Oh, and it's free!


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